Our Purpose

“Pursuing Christ’s Likeness Through Love, Relationships, and
Service to the World”

As followers of Christ, our purpose is to become more and more “Christ-like” – to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves, connecting with each other in relational environments for spiritual growth and discipleship, and finally, to reach out and serve the needs of others both locally and around the world, just as Christ laid His own life down as a ransom in order to purchase our freedom.

Our goal is develop a community of people who are continually...

1. Following Jesus
2. Being Changed by Jesus
3. Serving the mission of Jesus

Obviously, we are imperfect human beings, and we don’t claim to hold the corner on all that this means. That is why we believe that the pursuit is as much a part of our purpose as the end goal itself. We seek to follow Jesus’ leading as it is modeled for us in life and through scripture.

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